06 August 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Notes From The News

It's Friday, and not a minute too soon as far as my week is concerned. I'm looking forward to getting home tonight, cracking open a beer or two, and doing some writing--I have a review due for Rambles.NET, and I want to see if I can get the Blog's first Track By Track column up this weekend. (No, no spoilers. Sorry.) In the meanwhile, here's a bumper crop of bumpers:

Loath as I am to write about pop music sex kittens (no, seriously), the ever-brazen Katy Perry has struck again this week. She of the spooge-o-matic cupcake bra is apparently in a panic over an abandoned track from her coming release Teenage Dream circling the internet like hair in a draining bathtub. The song (and I use the term loosely) is called "Milk Milk Lemonade," and--well--aeeeeeee--hrm. Maybe I'd just better let the A. V. Club explain it to you. Here.

In other news that's poisoning the entertainment waterhole, Tyler Perry is bringing back his mediocre talents and his subtle blend of misogyny and negative racial stereotypes back to the big screen soon. Madea's Happy Family will be coming to the screen in 2011, according to an article in Black Voices. The movie will star such luminaries as Loretta Divine, Bow Wow, and Isiaiah Mustafa, the guy from the Old Spice commercials. Something tells me that in about nine months he's going to wish he was still on a horse.

MCA is pissed, yo. Adam Yauch, the gravel-voiced Beastie Boy has taken time off from kicking cancer's ass and preparing the year-late album Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1 for eventual release (come on Beasties, get on the stick here!), to righteously denounce the MPAA. Yauch is furious with the ratings board for declining the appeal on his Oscilloscope Laboratories-produced Holocaust documentary A Film Unfinished, and stating that the film will be rated R because of its graphic nature. This means it is unlikely the film will ever be shown in classrooms, despite Yauch's intentions that the documentary be used as an educational tool. MCA's reaction can best be summed up in two words: "It's bullshit." And you know, I have to agree with him.

News has reached us via Cinematical that Stellan Skarsgard will bring his Swedish accent and thoroughly intimidating-sounding name to David Fincher's English-language remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Now all Fincher has to do is cast the rest of the movie. Any thoughts? I doubt David is reading this (hell, I doubt anybody is reading this), but I'd be interested in seeing people's ideas. Difficulty: I have not read any of the Millennium Trilogy books.

In Chicago this weekend and not going to Lollapalooza? Then you are a sad, sad little monkey. but you will be less sad if you can get yourself to one of these alternative good-time-events helpfully listed by Huffington Post. Now put down that banana and go enjoy yourself, Curious George.

Site favorite the A. V. Club is back, explaining to us how Mad Men is turning Betty Draper into Lavinia Soprano. Sort of. Actually, the more you read, the less water their argument holds, as they seem to want to have it both ways and say she somehow is turning into a Lavinia style pop-up ghoul,  and yet that she isn't believable as a Lavinia style pop-up ghoul. And in the end it kind of does a disservice to both characters. but it's interesting reading, and I needed to fill some extra space today, so what the hell, I'm linking to it.

Popbytes says that Ryan Reynolds is the SEXIEST. NERD. EVAR. for catching a mistake in the Green Lantern script, and forcing a rewrite of the entire screenplay to weed out further mistakes. When you go to the link, you'll find out which mistake he caught, and why it's making GL fans cream their jeans. I have a question, though: If the script had been printed on yellow paper, would Ryan have been powerless to correct the mistake? (HA! WHO'S THE SEXY NERD NOW, MUTHAFUGGAHS! . . . okay, yeah, it's still him. Never mind. Sorry.)

Meanwhle, in the always interesting country of the mind that is the filmic wold of Terry Gilliam, news has reached MTV and Moviehole that Gilliam's seemingly-cursed film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is on hold. Again. Apparently it's financial troubles this time, which is why Gilliam is directing an Arcade Fire concert instead of doing what he wants to be doing. You get the feeling this is probably how Sam Lowry felt when he woke up with his head in the refrigerator . . .

And finally, a sad note: Lorene Yarnell, half of the once-popular mime team Shields & Yarnell, who had a brief affair with TV fame in the mid-1970s, has passed away far too early at the age of 66. The LA Times reports that she suffered a brain aneurysm. I will drop my snarkiness here for a few minutes and state that I was a fan of Shields & Yarnell when I was a kid. I watched them on Sonny & Cher, and I even watched their short-lived variety show, which is still one of the most engagingly weird things ever to get onto a network's fall schedule. Yarnell was a brilliant mime and clown, and a hell of a dancer--no less a luminary than Gene Kelly called her tap dancing "perfect"--and my childhood just got a little smaller and more remote in hearing about her passing. Lorene made me smile when I was a kid, and for that I will always thank her. God bless you, Ms. Yarnell, and rest in peace.

And that's Notes From The News for this week. Have a good weekend everyone. With luck, the first Track By Track will post soon, and I'll try to expand into posting a few lengthier pieces per week as I have time. Hope you all are enjoying this. Drop a line and let me know!


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