03 August 2010


Hey there, hi there, ho there, howdy do, and other greetings and felicitations.

Welcome to Nighthawk Postcards, a sort of rambling shambling affair in which I blog about movies, books, music, and whatever other culturally related nonsense enters my head, on the assumption that someone, somewhere, will give enough of a shit to actually read any of it.

What will you find here? Random bits of news interspersed with my musings on said news, occasional reviews of whatever I take it into my head to review, links to other sites that I might care to draw your attention toward, and occasional random internettery that I find enjoyable. I'm not much on TV related stuff though, so don't expect much from me there. I'd suggest the AV Club's TV Club sub-site, or Pajiba, or TV Squad, or Television Without Pity if you want to get your fill of show recaps and such. I like TV, it's just that I have a 20 month old child in the house, and I don't watch anything of note because he's watching stuff like Babar and Zula Patrol and Curious George. Which is great for him, but probably boring as sin for you. I know it is for me. So I'll spare you the torture.

I also plan to run occasional/semi-regular features here, a few "columns" so to speak that will corral my musings on a particular topic. Some of them that you'll be seeing include:

Track By Track--a classic album (or even a recent one), gone over as the title would suggest, both from a critical viewpoint and a more fannish one.

Magnetic North--Ever have one of those moments where you hear a song, read a book, or see a movie, and you suddenly feel like some massive compass needle in your head just swung around and found true north for the first time? That's what I'm after here, those moments.

Your Sacred Cows--Ever think maybe something is overrated for whatever reason, due to overexposure, overhype, or you think it's just plain over? well, I've got a few of those in mind too.

One thing you will not find here: politics. Whether it's in the news posts or in song content in an album I'm reviewing or in the comments, I don't want to see it. Even if I'm talking about Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. As Bob Dylan once said: "Politics is an instrument of the devil. Politics is what kills, politics is corrupt." I'm not here to solve the world's problems or to take part in flamewars. If you are, go bitch on Huffington Post or Little Green goddamn Footballs. Not here.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the place. Following this post you will find two entries from a previous, less user friendly incarnation of this blog. I assure you they will be far less reflective of the tone I intend to bring to future entries--there will be no "Daily Dumbass Award" for instance, as tempting as the thought may be--but I do have a fondness for these two posts just the same, if only because they serve as signposts for a direction I'd rather not take.

Be seeing you.

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