09 September 2010

I Want Your Ugly, I Want Your Disease, I Want Your Everything As Long As It's The Notes From The News

Yeah, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt video from the other day is stuck in my head now. Oh well, could be worse. And pretty much nothing is worse than today's newsnotes:

Well, aside from the Dark Tower adaptation (see my thoughts on that here), the big news this week is Britney Spears being sued by a former bodyguard for sexual harassment, and being accused of child abuse (including having sex in front of her kids and forcing them to eat shellfish despite their allergies). Wrinkle: California DCFS has already checked out the abuse allegations and found they have about as much merit as any of Britney's songs, so this guy is probably just looking for the legal version of a lottery ticket.

James Cameron will direct a documentary about an Amazon tribe fighting the construction of a dam in the fear that it will  flood their tribal lands and destroy their culture. The movie will be in 3D. Say, I get the feeling I've heard this story before . . .

Susan Boyle was set to sing the Lou Reed song "Perfect Day" on America's Got Talent yesterday, but was foiled at the last minute when Lou, in a douche move, refused to grant her permission to sing the song. So what did Boyle do? She was a total professional, got ready to sing a different song, and was a huge succe -- nope, sorry. She burst into tears, wasn't even prepared with another song, and walked off the show. She was still crying at the airport waiting for her flight home. So, yeah. Plenty of douche to go around on this one.

More promising than he has any right to be, dept.: Andrew Garfield, the new Peter Parker in tthe Spider-Man reboot, gives his first major interview and turns out to be a major geek -- just like Peter Parker. This might just work after all.

Former LFO singer Rich Cronin has died at the far too young age of 35. Cronnin is best remembered as the author of LFO's major hit "Summer Girls." He was diagnosed with Leukemia several years ago and fought a lengthy battle against it. Cronin suffered a stroke yesterday in the hospital. I was not an LFO fan, but I would like to extend condolences to Cronin's friends and family over this loss.

Word is out that Michael Caine is posed to join the cast of Journey 2: Mysterious Island. Guess he must need to pay for another house. 

Rhett Reese and Paul Wenick have finished the script for the inevitable Zombieland sequel, but production may be a long way off as director Ruben Fleischer has a few other irons in the fire right now, and may not be able to get to it any time soon. Or any time later. It's amazing how fast the world can go from bad to total shit storm.

And finally: Jimmy Page has a book of photographs posing as an autobiography coming out, and he's given the New York Times an interview to talk about it. And as usual says nothing about stealing songs from black blues singers, his shitty treatment of Jeff Beck back in the Yardbirds and early Zeppelin days, his long addiction to heroin, or his 1970s predilection for 14 year old girls. Instead he talks about his old childhood choirmaster, which is surely the most rock and roll thing ever. Thanks for setting the record straight, Jimmy.

 . . . and that's the news. Stay tuned for next time when we will reveal a new feature: Driving With Gary Busey!

. . . You know what, on second thought, let's just have more Notes From the News. 

G'night folks!

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