03 January 2011

I still exist! (sort of)

Well, due to the mighty might blizzard and things generally being crazier than they normally are, the holiday hiatus was a bit longer than I thought it was going to be. The time off has been an unexpected boon for me, however, as I was able to do some thinking about the direction of the site, and where I want it to go in the future.

It's like this: Notes From The News takes a lot of time to prepare and post on a daily basis. I've streamlined the process as much as I can and I can generally get it done every day, but even so it takes up a lot of my creative energy to hunt for ten to fifteen snarkable stories, come up with the appropriate snark, and then organize it into a daily column of links. It's fun to do, don't get me wrong, but the daily grind can be a bit, well . . . grinding. It's caused some of my other work, including my review work for Rambles.NET, to fall by the wayside, and I never wanted that to happen.

Then there's the fact that sometimes, more often lately, my humor has given way to just plain meanness and a brand of spiteful bitchiness that is best left to guys like Perez Hilton and that douche Armond White. I'd rather keep this site from going there, as that tone was something I had in the original incarnation of this blog, and I found it sufficiently off-putting to my own self that I decided against continuing with it. I don't want to just sit here and be an internet insult monkey. I mean it's nice that I do it well, but just the same I don't want it to be all, or even the main, thing that I do.

And while I'm on that subject, I had originally intended this sit to be a much more varied playground for myself, where I would babble on discursively about music, movies, books, games, websites, and anything else that entered my head, and I got so deeply involved with doing the Newsnotes on a daily basis that, aside from a few one-off items and a frankly failed Track By Track column that I'm still hoping to take off life support, the website I wanted to do never materialized. I want to see if I can get back to that website, as I had a list of things I wanted to babble about and I never got around to the babbling for all the sniping.

So where does that leave me? Well, mostly it leaves me here wondering where that leaves me. I don't want to drop the Newsnotes completely as they are a ton of fun to do, but neither do I want that column and its tone to define this site and what I do, or worse to consume it.

So . . . where does that leave me?

At a crossroads, to be sure. I want the blog to continue; I have a lot of fun with it, and I know I have a few loyal readers who have made my updates part of their day. The fact that I can count their number on my fingers and have most of a hand left over doesn't daunt me much. But it does keep me mindful that yes, people are expecting content here, and I still want to provide it.

The question then is what I want that content to be, how much of it there's going to be, and in what proportions. I'm going to have a think on this for the rest of the week and come back Monday with a decision. Thanks for your patience and indulgence while I work this out, and see you soon.

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