16 October 2012

Follow-up on David Gerrold

In the interest of fairness, I will note that Gerrold posted this on his Facebook page about four hours ago, in response to the original io9 article:

It's only a book, people!

And yes, I'm a bitch, but I'm not YOUR bitch.

I'll publish the fifth book when it lives up to my standards, not because some spoiled-brat reader has his/her panties in a twist. Meanwhile, I have other priorities. My son's well-being will always take precedence.

And the remark about finishing the series before the end of Obama's second term was a semi-satirical response to the Koch brothers attempting to blackmail 45,000 of their employees to vote for Romney. 

Having seen this I will cheerfully retract the portion of my previous post that took Gerrold to task for playing cutesy-pie with politics.

The rest, however, stands.

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