28 February 2013

Free Milholland and Corsetto!

I just want to take a second to say that two of my favorite webcomics, Something Positive and Girls With Slingshots, are being unfairly targeted and blocked by Google for nonexistent "malware" issues. I have been reading both comics for years and aside from the occasional server outage taking them down, I have never *once* had an issue with either of them. Right now Milholland and Corsetto are losing page views, which means a loss in ad revenue, which means it gets that much harder for them to keep their sites going, and when you're an independent artist trying to make your way in the world, that is a serious blow.

So show them some love. Go to their sites, click past the bullshit malware warnings, and let them know people are there. Oh, and read their comics while you're at it, because they're freakin' hilarious.

Something Positive: http://www.somethingpositive.net/

Girls With Slingshots: http://www.girlswithslingshots.com/

UPDATE: I posted a link on Twitter just now and Randy Milholland was kind enough to respond to me and pointed out, "Of course, if it turns out there was a hack and we all missed it, we'll all feel awkward as shit." Which is a fair point. But since none of my malware detection actually goes off when I click through to either site, if there is a hack I would think it's a cosmically inept one. Still, with what he said in mind I'll add the caveat that you should proceed at your own risk until Randy and Danielle deem it safe, even though it most likely was never not safe in the first place.

Confused? Good. then my work here is done.

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