03 September 2013

A Boy and His Dad

Lest I forget, this is Your Humble Blogger and his son at a Brooklyn Cyclones game this past Thursday. We had a great time watching the Cyclones spank the Staten Island Yankees 2-1. Liam enjoyed being at the game--he doesn't really grasp the rules of baseball yet, but he did learn to root for the home team, and definitely enjoyed it as a medium for dining on hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, and cotton candy. He was sorry to hear it was the end of the minor league season, but is already excited about football.As for me, I'm looking into getting a Cyclones limited season package next year and teaching my son the game in more detail during the World Series.

Also, I have to say that as a Chicago man born and bred, it pains me to attend a game at any ballpark that isn't Wrigley Field, much less one that houses a single A affiliate of the cursed Mets (ptui!)--but at the end of the day baseball is baseball, and the kids on the Cyclones are a scrappy bunch who look like they're having fun out there. That counts for a lot. Also, the giveaway nights are pretty awesome, as you can see from our throwback jerseys in the photo above. Liam has taken to sleeping in his (and who can blame him, it's almost as long as him and makes an excellent nightshirt), and mine will make excellent ballpark and day-out garb.

Now I need to learn to play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on my guitar . . .


  1. It's wonderful to see a new pic of you! You guys look great!

    Josh in Chicago