28 February 2014

Note to new reaaders

First of all, welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

Second, if you go through the archives here (and I can see from my page hits that some of you have been doing so from time to time), you may note certain differences in tone from a few years ago as opposed to today. I chalk this difference up to a) me not really having a handle on what I was doing back then, b) a misplaced desire to turn the blog into Pajiba's bratty little brother, and c) a certain lack of maturity that I have tried to distance myself from by, well, maturing a little

I said things on this blog then that I would not say today--in a joking manner to be sure, but many of the jokes were clothed in cruelty. I would hope (though I know that this hope is not always accurate) that things have been a bit different around here in the last year or two; I've done a bit of learning, a bit of self-examination (you there, stop that giggling), and I've sort of realized that Pajiba is, well, kind of a crap website that I maybe shouldn't emulate so much. 

So in that wise, while I do not specifically disown the things I have written here in the past, I do want to note that I am no longer the same person I was when I wrote them. The mellowing of age and parenthood have gentled me, somewhat. And I have had a fairly forcible reminder in the last few years that, if we are true to ourselves, we should never stop growing, learning, and understanding. And the more we do of any one of those, the more we do of all three. 

So this is about being true to myself--specifically to my younger self, for whose actions I am still responsible, and for whose occasionally intemperate words I apologize. 

Those of you who are longtime readers, thanks for sticking with me. Those of you who are new here, thanks for giving me a chance. I appreciate it. 

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