21 April 2014

The Tangled Weave We Web

So, the Hugo nominees were announced this weekend, and I'm a bit disturbed . . . and more than a little saddened. It’s just awful, what’s been done.

There’s stuff on that list that just does not belong there, and it’s shameful the way the nominations process was manipulated in order to get it there. It’s sad, the level to which some will sink in order to gain accolades for overrated work. I feel bad for the people who have to read it for the first time while deciding how they will vote. i feel even worse for those who have had to suffer through it the first time, only to need to subject themselves to the pain of it again. The strain of it  . . . I can’t imagine. All that hyperbolic language and needless padding. The mind shudders at the thought.

I wish you luck, Hugo voters. You are in for a season of hell. Or at least of heck. Or maybe just mild discomfort, depending upon your intestinal fortitude. And the strength required to keep turning the page in the face of what is to come. Some may faint and pull their hair. Multiple times.

Yes, Hugo voters, I wish you luck. You’re gonna need it.

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