23 September 2014

I was lookin' back to see if you were lookin' back at me to see me lookin' back at you

So yesterday was the first time I’ve posted here since May--and just for shits ’n’ giggles I had a look at my blog stats this morning. According to Blogger I’ve had about 110 page views in the last day--not bad, considering. What interested me more, however, was the fact that I had 1,118 views last month . . . and I didn’t post anything last month.

Either Blogger is fudging my clickthroughs or there are a lot of really easily amused people out there.

I do get a fairly regular flow here, though. My most clicked on posts currently are (not unexpectedly given the time of year) my Banned Books Week posts, which seem to get me a lot of traffic from students doing papers, especially the entry about Maus, which always seems to get a lot of activity.

Overall my most-viewed posts are, aside from my Banned Books Week post on Maus, more recent posts, as you can see from my sidebar on the right. My open apology to Seanan McGuire has been #2 for a while now, and deservedly so because that should be seen more.

But the post of mine that has gotten the most clicks is the one about David Gerrold and the War Against the Chtorr’s vaporware status. Interestingly it’s about #5 on the Google search page for the series, so that may have an effect. Also, for whatever reason, it’s the one post of mine that has the most comments. I’ve left the comments open on it for all this time for that very reason--every time I think it’s dead, someone else will drop a remark in the comments. Just happened again last week. (Another interesting thing to note is that while a portion of the commenters think Gerrold is just being lazy, and other dislike Gerrold because of his politics, only one or two of them disagreed with me--and even they did so by refusing to address my points but instead by brickbatting me directly, which is always a good time. The general consensus seems to be: Yeah, Gerrold needs to shit or get off the pot with these damned books. And a lot of us would just rather he got off the pot at this point.

That digression aside, I’m going to make an effort to be here more regularly, as the novel work is slow enough that I can manage to divert some energy here without losing momentum. Anythign to keep me writing, and to keep me visible. Who knows, I may even have some more flash fic here in the future if the mood strikes me. We’ll see.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and thanks for nosing around even when I’m not here. It’s appreciated.

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