07 August 2015

Because it is bitter, and because it is my heart: An update on David Gerrold

Far and away and without a doubt the most popular (or at least most-read) entry on this blog is my post about David Gerrold and his ongoing inability to finish A Method for Madness, the fifth book in his War Against the Chtorr series that began when I was a teenager. I still get comments on the damned thing. And it's apparently like #7 on the Google results for searches about the series. I suggested at that time that it was time for Gerrold to finish it or admit he never would and hang it up and move on to more beneficial and fertile fields.

Well, it's happened. After two decades of interruptions, dropped publishers, family issues, and whatever else in his personal and/or professional life that's been interrupting him, Gerrold dropped this on his Facebook page earlier this week.

Yup, he did it. Finally. A first draft of A Method for Madness exists and will be (one presumes) published sometime in the next year or two, depending on rewrites and publishing contracts, etc. Hopefully the first four books in the series will see re-release as well so people can re-familiarize themselves with them. All of this is and/or would be a Good Thing.

I am not going to be so conceited as to think I had anything to do with this. Seriously. I'm just some schmuck with a blog that few people read, and Gerrold has gone on record numerous times as saying that he doesn't let fans or anyone else tell him how to write, what to write, or when to write it. I believe Gerrold was likely aware of my prior essay and if he was he shot it the middle finger at the time I posted it, and more power to him if he did. My essay was and is an easily dismissed fly-speck on the surface of his career, and should be treated as such.

That said, I do want to take this opportunity to say the following to David Gerrold:

Sir, I owe you an apology. I doubted you and your ability, cast aspersions on each, and was incorrect in my estimations of both. Having been incorrect I will gladly eat my heart out, because it is bitter, and because it is my heart. I will also be updating my original essay with a link to this update, so as to prevent confusion on this issue with anyone whose Google search leads them here. Also, thank you for not giving up and for keeping this particular series of dreams alive, because whatever else has passed beneath the bridge they have always been particular favorites of mine.

Now, I told you all that to tell you this:

Took you fucking long enough, man. Congrats on making it.